Millennial TechCorps places young adults in paid internships with non-profits, NGOs, start-ups, public entities and for-profit companies across the country and around the world interested in enhancing their use of technology to achieve their missions.

For young adults, Millennial TechCorps provides access to mission-based, purpose-driven organizations that can be difficult to access.  For organizations and companies, TechCorps provides access to a cohort of tech-savvy Millennials, who can help them with social networking, Web 2.0 tools, programming and other technology solutions.  Millennial TechCorps members will be trained, mentored and networked to each other.  The organizations and companies pay a sliding fee to participate, based on their size and type of organization (e.g. nonprofit, for-profit, public).

Millennial TechCorps is an organization that will galvanize the attention of global youth by providing purpose-driven work opportunities and experience, helping them clarify their occupational purpose and gain work-related credibility. And, Millennial TechCorps will become an invaluable resource for non-profits and for-profits with purpose, helping them implement technology solutions, improve efficiency and train staff to carry on the work after the MTC Fellow has left. Importantly, Millennial TechCorps will increase the pipeline of technologically proficient individuals considering work in the civic arena.